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30:11:01 Great fun - Thanks. We still didn't manage to get round to talking to everyone - so we will need to do it again - and get all those who came up with excuses for not being there to turn up next time. Any chance of having names put under photographs? But perhaps we'd need old(young) photo's along side them - to jog the brain cells back into life!
Sandie (Sandra Stamp) and Brian Bradley sandiebradley@btinternet.com  
28:11:01 Re the info for Jill Hardy, a few more names.Gary Summerskill,Josephine Bolton,Denise Janes,April Young,Martin Salkeld.These were some of the names I could remember. Most of them went to either Willink or Theale Green after leaving Burnham Copse.Good Luck Jill.
Caroline (Rich)Lambourne   glydene@tiscali.co.uk
28:11:01 Brilliant opportunity to make sure the other night wasn't a figment of my imagination! And most people look like they're having fun too!
It was great to catch up with so many people after so long. Hopefully I can catch up with those I didn't say hello to at the next Reunion.
Thumbs up for Tadley Roundabout.
All the best
Tim barker tim@aquarianworks.co.uk 
27:11:01. Great evening. Good to see the years have not changed us too much yet…what about the next one though!
The unofficial Burnham Copse reunion in the corridor was entertaining as well. For Jill Hardy's info the names I came up with were: David Cutler, Bruce Leatherby, John Andrews, Mark Kenigan and Ian Lamb but not sure if any were in the photo.
Julian Kent  jakent5@clara.co.uk
26:11:01. What a brilliant evening! enjoyed getting together with old school friends. Great to see that some of us are just as daft now as we were then. Thanks for a good time.
Caroline (Rich)Lambourne
26:11:01. It was a great evening. A big thank you to the organisers. It felt a little like a game show event, were you had to wander around and try to identify people and then remember information about them. I have only visited Tadley three times in the last 25 year's so even finding the place was an adventure!
Does anyone know where Russell Raisey or Roger Gilbert are now?
Damon Clark   damon@brandw.co.uk                   
26:11:01. Well done on this page and your support of Tadley, The reunion was great, albeit hard to identify some of the classmates, but well worth the effort of Helen and her friends.
Steve Denny  Steve.Denny@LansingLinde.co.uk
25:11:01. A very enjoyable evening. Thank you to all the organisers. What a great success, well done!
Barbara (Vohmann) Payne




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