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Welcome to our on-line Photo Albums

If you would like a FREE on-line photo album of an event that you are organising or attending (in Tadley) please do not hesitate to contact us - If we are available, we will attend. Alternatively, if we are not available, or if you want to provide your own photos, once again just send us an e-mail.

For the very latest photos please check out


NEW Doodles Art Shop Opening Click Here NEW

NEW Hurst School Reunion Click Here NEW



June 14th A Tadley wedding 30 years ago!! Click here (check out pages one and two).

 June 9th  Silchester Fete Kindly  provided by Peter Hughes

 June 3rd Tadley Treacle Fair

 June 2nd St Pauls Fete


May 24th Broomsquire Hotel Open Evening

April 15th Tadley common Fire


March 4th Hannah gets presented with a new wheelchair donated by The Ambassador Club, Tadley




December Take a look at some great 'snowy' photos from Thursday 21st December - sent in by a regular visitor to the site - thanks Tony Snow in Tadley

 December Christmas Lights Switch-On click here 24th November


 November First Day of the Hospice Shop click here 20th November

Hurst Craft Fair click here 18th November


 October Valuation Day at The Ambrose Allen Centre  click here 28th October

 October A 'thank-you presentation for the volunteer litter pickers in Tadley click here


July Photo Album from the Pamber Heath Darby and Joan Garden Party 13th July click here


 Photo Album from Tadley School Fete 16th June  click here

June Photo Album from Bands playing at Tadley Rugby Club 17th June  click here

June Photo Album - Fun day at Tadley Rugby Club 24th June  click here

 June Treacle Fair Photos June 2006 click here


 May Photo Album of St Paul's Church 40th Anniversary  click here

 May Photo Album of Ron Darley's retirement from the Tadley Town Council click here

 April - Photos from the moons first quarter click here 3rd April 2006


  March Photos of a spring walk in Tadley click here (by a local photographer)


  February  Royal Visitor to Tadley - Video clip and photo album - click here



   DECEMBER Photos from Bishopswood School Craft Fair click here

  DECEMBER MORE PHOTOS FROM Mendem Motors click here


 NOVEMBER 2005 BIG SWITCH ON of the Christmas Tree Lights  click here
 NOVEMBER 2005 Tadley School Craft Fair! click here


 OCTOBER 2005 ESSO Garage update click here


 SEPTEMBER 2005 Rugby Fun Day photo Album click here
 SEPTEMBER 2005 Tadley Chamber of Trade Race Night photo Album click here

  SEPTEMBER 2005  Pamber Heath Fete photo Album click here


  AUGUST 2005  VE Day organised by The Royal British Legion 13th August Click Here


  JULY 2005  Pamber Heath Darby and Joan garden party 14th July click here

 JULY 2005  -  Places on interest around the Tadley area click here

  JULY 2005 St Paul's Cream Teas 9th July click here

 JULY 2005  -  Annie's Charity Grand opening 8th July click here

JULY 2005 -  Burnham Copse School Fete 2nd July Click here

JULY 2005 - The Healthy Living Festival 2nd July Click here


JUNE 2005 - Bishopswood School Fete 18th June Photo album click here

JUNE 2005 - Tadley School Fete 17th June Click here

JUNE 2005 - Silchester Fete 11th June Photo album click here

JUNE 2005 - Drive safely on the roads. Cars retrieved for local accidents! click here

JUNE 2005 - Tadley Treacle Fair 5th June 2005 click here


APRIL 2005 - Tadley Litter Week Photos click here

February 2005 - Fitness Initiative at The Hurst click here



 NOVEMBER 2004 The BIG SWITCH-ON of the Christmas Tree Lights  in Tadley

 NOVEMBER 2004 Tadley School Craft Fair

 OCTOBER 2004 Wedding Fair

FEBRUARY 2004 Sainsbury's Open Day 26th Feb

FEBRUARY 2004 Tadley Library Open Day 24th Feb

JANUARY 2004 Chinese New Year at the NG Palace


 NOVEMBER 2003 Beautiful photos from Pamber Forest

SEPTEMBER 2003 Pamber Heath Fete September

JULY 2003 Treacle Mine Restaurant Launch 8th July

JULY 2003 Music in the Park 6th July - not quite completed yet - more photos to follow

JUNE 2003   Bishopwood School Fete 20th June

JUNE 2003   Silchester Fete 14th June

JUNE 2003  Tadley School Fete 13th June

JUNE 2003  Darby & Joan Garden Party  12th June

JUNE 2003 Tadley Treacle Fair 8th June

MAY 2003 Tadley School Fashion Show

JANUARY 2003 Snowy pictures from around Tadley 8th and 9th Jan 2003

NOVEMBER TADS presentation 30th November 2002

NOVEMBER BUDGENS Switch-On Christmas Lights 29th November 2002

OCTOBER 2002 ATC Model & Craft Fair 2002

SEPTEMBER 2002 Pamber Heath Fete

JULY 2002 St Paul's Cream Teas Garden Party

JUNE 2002 St Paul's Church Fete

JUNE 2002Tadley School Fete 2002 Photo Album

JUNE 2002 Darby & Joan Jubilee Party

JUNE 2002 Silchester Treasure Island Garden Fete

JUNE 2002 Jubilee Street Party 03-06-02

JUNE 2002 Tadley Treacle Fair 2002 Photo Album Loddon Valley Lions

  2002 Tadley & Baughurst Art Club Spring Exhibition 

2002 Boot Farm Kindergarten OPEN DAY LAUNCH 

2002 Tadley Town Council SPRING CLEAN WEEK 

2002 Tadley First Responder Fund Raising Event at Budgens

2002 Charity Bungee Jump at The Treacle Mine Hotel

2002 The Launch of the only Chinese restaurant in Tadley - NG Palace

Tads (Tadley & District History) launch their new book

Christmas Party for the Pamber Heath Darby and Joan

Tadley's 'Star Night'  Christmas at Budgen's

Report And Photos of Budgens big 'switch on!' above

CLASS OF 76 REUNION 24th Nov 2001